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Goals For 2017

2017 is (unbelievably) right around the corner. This is going to be a really big year for me because of graduation and moving to Korea, so I have a list of goals that I’m dead set on accomplishing this year. Continue reading “Goals For 2017”

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Pentatonix Is The Soundtrack To My Christmas // Weekly Music Playlist

There’s less than one week until Christmas and so I’m spending a good amount of my time listening to Christmas music. While I love many of the classic songs, I really enjoy the way Pentatonix brings their own flair to them as well. So, this weeks playlist is a list of a few of my favorite songs off of the Pentatonix Christmas albums

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When Kpop Dances Were My Thing // Weekly Music Playlist

This week’s playlist centers around dance! Back in middle school and high school, I spent a ton of my free time learning the dances to Kpop songs. For most of them I really only knew the chorus but here is a list of songs for which I knew the whole dance from start to finish.

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I Wrote This Post To Procrastinate From My Finals

Finals are upon us and instead of working on my essays I’m writing this blog post. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that procrastinating has become my day job.

But in all seriousness, finals can be a trying time for many. Seeing as I’m a senior, I’ve gone through many a finals period myself. SO I’ve come up with a list of things that can help you guys get through it. Continue reading “I Wrote This Post To Procrastinate From My Finals”

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The Forgotten // Weekly Music Playlist

So I’m trying this new thing where I make a playlist every week. Each one will only be about five songs but they’ll be centered around a certain theme or memory. Sometimes they’ll be only Korean or only Western music but many times there’ll be a mixture.

Today’s playlist is a list of korean songs that I lowkey had forgotten about until earlier this week, when I had put my ipod on shuffle. Now they’re all I’ve been listening to lately.

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Animal Kingdom Is Actually The Best Park

I’m back again with my second installment of the Disney World Orlando series. As you can tell from the title, I really love Animal Kingdom and I think it’s the best park by far. There’s so many great rides and shows to see, but it also has a totally different character from the other parks which makes it incredibly unique. Today, I’ll be commenting on a few of the rides that are the most memorable for me.  Continue reading “Animal Kingdom Is Actually The Best Park”

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Remember That You Are Enough

These past two days have been pretty difficult y’all. I’ve gone through so many different emotions in the past 48 hours and frankly, now i’m just exhausted. Many of my classes have taken time out to talk about the outcome of the presidential election, and while conversations like these are needed, I’m also having a hard time with them. Although I’m not ready to write a whole post on my thoughts and emotions about this election and it’s outcome, I wanted to write a post that came out of my recent reflections.

Today’s post is about how my identity came into formation.

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We Have Endurance

So today I voted for the very first time in a presidential election. I left the polls feeling extremely optimistic and hopeful that my fellow Americans would make the right choice.

Now, as I watch the votes get counted I’m experiencing a plethora of emotions and I feel physically sick and anxious.

I feel like I’m in so much shock because this man has literally built his campaign around sexism and racism and yet somehow he’s leading in this election. People of America have the nerve to tell me that we live in a post-racial society but obviously that’s not true. Your votes have proved that.

Even though its not over yet I just want everyone to know:

America has been through so much already. We’ll get through it. No matter what happens tonight we have to remember that we as a country have the endurance to fight back. 

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