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[First Listen] BTS – Love Yourself: Her

One of my favorite groups BTS (방탄소년단) released a new album called Love Yourself: Her. This album has been greatly anticipated not just by the K-pop community but even by western media. Today I’m listening to the whole album for the first time and giving you a look into what I thought about each song.

Give the album a listen while you read my review. It’s available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music. Also watch the DNA music video!

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Pentatonix Is The Soundtrack To My Christmas // Weekly Music Playlist

There’s less than one week until Christmas and so I’m spending a good amount of my time listening to Christmas music. While I love many of the classic songs, I really enjoy the way Pentatonix brings their own flair to them as well. So, this weeks playlist is a list of a few of my favorite songs off of the Pentatonix Christmas albums

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When Kpop Dances Were My Thing // Weekly Music Playlist

This week’s playlist centers around dance! Back in middle school and high school, I spent a ton of my free time learning the dances to Kpop songs. For most of them I really only knew the chorus but here is a list of songs for which I knew the whole dance from start to finish.

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The Forgotten // Weekly Music Playlist

So I’m trying this new thing where I make a playlist every week. Each one will only be about five songs but they’ll be centered around a certain theme or memory. Sometimes they’ll be only Korean or only Western music but many times there’ll be a mixture.

Today’s playlist is a list of korean songs that I lowkey had forgotten about until earlier this week, when I had put my ipod on shuffle. Now they’re all I’ve been listening to lately.

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BTS – WINGS // A Rambling

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Many of you guys probably already know that BTS came out with a new album about a week ago. Since I love them, I’ve decided to do a little…review. However, this is less of a review and more of “I’m just gonna say whatever comes to mind when I hear this song.” Even though this is meant to be less serious and more fun I hope y’all enjoy!


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Favorite Kpop Songs: 2015 Edition

My first post of the new year!  I have made a list of some of my favorite kpop songs of 2015. It’s nowhere near complete because 2015 was such a great year for kpop that it was difficult to narrow it down to just a few. The songs are in no particular order and you’ll probably notice that I’m definitely boy group biased.

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