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Dissecting My Personality As An ENFP

A few months ago, I wrote a post about being an ENFP but only discussed it in a very general sense. In this post, I want to go more in depth about some of the traits that are commonly associated with the ENFP personality type and whether or not they apply to my own personality.

Very creative

When i was younger I was really good at math and logic, so I always categorized myself as a “left-brained” type of person. I always looked at masterpieces that other people had done and convinced myself that I could never do anything like that. But in recent years, I’ve been tapping more into my creative side. Through writing and the occasional visual arts, I’ve found that I enjoy creative tasks so much more. I’m always trying to find new ways to be creative in my daily life (like starting a bullet journal) and I really hate when I’m assigned tasks that have basically no room for creativity.

Trying to find more creative outlets is what actually led me to create this blog in the first place. I also want to eventually open up a YouTube channel and try my hand at video filming and editing.

Introverted extroverts

Growing up, I always had a hard time trying to convince people that I’m not shy. I’m not uncomfortable around new people nor do lack confidence in talking to them.  I love being around people and I love meeting new friends. But more often than not I tend to be the quiet one in the group because I don’t necessarily have to be constantly interacting with people to enjoy my time with them. Just being around others makes me happy.

However, I do find that after a long day of socializing, I always need to have alone time to regroup and center myself. I prefer to be around other people, but once I’ve met my socializing quota for the day its a wrap. Sometimes this can lead to me being a bit flaky when it comes to plans. I’ll be really excited to go somewhere, but when the day finally comes I no longer want to go, especially if its after a long day.


I’ve always been one to notice things that other people do not, especially when it comes to people and their emotions. I’m very “big picture” oriented, but I’m also very attuned to when some small detail is out of place. I can always tell when someone’s body language or tone of voice is different, where other people tend to overlook these cues. It’s also been very easy for me to know another person’s emotional state without them having to tell me, which has been a pretty helpful skill throughout the years.

Strong people skills

I’m kind of on the border with whether or not this applies to me. When I think of having strong people skills, I think of being able to strike up a conversation with random people on the street with little to no hesitation. However, I think my people skills show when I’m around people I’m comfortable with. I’m one of those friends that people come to for advice because I understand people’s thoughts and feelings easily. I’ve also heard from friends that people are quick to feel comfortable around me. This must be why many people that I just meet find the need to tell me their whole life story.

Difficulty focusing

Probably the most true thing on this list. It has taken me hours (over a span of four days) to write this post even though I knew what I wanted to say. My mind would just go off on some tangent. Next thing I know, I’m watching YouTube videos about beauty products that I actually have no interest in. Lately, I’ve been really trying to work on focusing better. I always get frustrated when I’m working on something and never finish it because I couldn’t focus long enough to get it done.


My mom will tell you that I’ve been independent for as long as she can remember. I was like an adult in a child’s body. I like getting things done my own way and because of this I don’t like to be tied down by other peoples rules and limitations. I was never a super rebellious child, but this did lead to my questioning of everything around me.  I also hate having my days too planned out because I’m more of a go with the flow type of person.

Broad range of skills and talents

Even though this may seem like a strength, in my case I kind of view this as a weakness. I’ve always been good at things. Many things that I attempt, whether its games, music, puzzles or whatever, with a bit of practice I can do it well. But, I don’t have one thing that I’m REALLY good at. I can never answer questions like “what is your greatest talent” because I really don’t have one. Sure, there are things that I’m good at but there’s nothing that makes me stand out.

On the bright side of things, being able to do so many things well is probably a plus when trying to find jobs in the (very near) future. Companies like to see well rounded applicants, so in that respect this can be seen as a strength.

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3 thoughts on “Dissecting My Personality As An ENFP

    1. Thanks so much for reading! In my first post about this test I talked about how I like to take this test with a grain of salt. I dont think everyone in the world can fit exactly into 16 personality types but I do think that its a good starting point.
      For professions, they suggested counselor, teacher, artist and other things similar to these three!

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      1. Yes it’s a good starting point, agreed :)) always interesting to find out something new about ourselves. And I think professions they suggest is something to think about.. I found it on Quora, was advice from some dude to take this test if you ain’t sure about ur passions/job choice etc


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