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Why I’m Starting A Bullet Journal

For those of you who don’t know, a bullet journal is a combination between a journal, planner and to-do list. There are countless videos and blog posts detailing the basic outline of how one should go, but really its up to you to decide the design. This kind of product is what I’ve been looking for and so I’ve compiled a short list of reasons as to why I want to start one.

It’s something new to try

Over the years, I’ve used various types of planners. Some have worked better than others, but I’ve never found one that felt just right. The same goes with journals. I love to write my thoughts down on paper, but something about the traditional journals feels very constricting. I always write in them consistently for a few weeks and then forget about them altogether. Because the bullet journal is a bit more fun and personalized, I’m thinking that it’ll be a great way to keep me motivated.


I need to stay organized. Between schoolwork, blogging, and job hunting this year is going to be brutal. I can’t let deadlines and important events slip my mind, so I need a place to write it all down. Since bullet journals are typically a combination of journal, planner, and to-do list, its nice to have everything in one place. Also, bullet journals are a way to keep track of goals. For example, I’m planning on creating a budgeting page so I can really visualize how much money I spend in a week and really get on track with building up my savings.


Personally, allowing myself to be creative is the key to my success. Although many people may think otherwise, I’m the type of person who values creative freedom over having a set way of doing things. This is one of the reasons that I initially started this blog, so that I could tap into a certain type of creativity.

I like the thought of creating something that is totally me. One of the things I hated most about buying planners was having to settle for a design that I didn’t like or calendar boxes that were way too small. Having this type of journal allows me to have whatever I want from start to finish.

Mental Health

I’ve read online that bullet journals are a great way to help keep your mental health in check. Apparently, the person who created it originally used it to help with his ADD. For me specifically, having a set time to sit down and design a new page in my journal will be a nice way to unwind and start off a new week. I’ll also be killing two birds with one stone by relaxing but also getting organized. This will take a load off of my back and bring my stress levels way down.

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