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Thoughts I Have Before Every New Semester

New year, new semester. I thought I’d start off the new year with a post detailing the inner struggle I have at the start of every semester. I’m thinking many of y’all will relate.

Do I have to go?

Going to college has definitely been one of my greatest experiences in life so far, but it does get tiring. Not only do we have to go to class but we also have to hold down a job, study for hours, have a social life, and somehow get in a healthy eight hours of sleep a night. Breaks are never long enough for me to recover from the stress I go through during the semester.

Why are textbooks so expensive?

Textbooks are expensive for no reason. I spend too much money to go to this school to have to pay hundreds of dollars in textbook prices. Also, why do I have to buy the latest edition? I’m gonna buy the older version and take the risk.

Can I get away with not buying these books?

As an English major, its difficult to find ways around not buying books since our whole curriculum is centered around reading. I find that professors don’t mind if you have e-book versions as long as the pagination is the similar. Sometimes, I get stuck with the professor who “doesn’t believe in technology in the classroom” and forces me to buy the physical (and more expensive) copy.

How can I make this semester be as smooth as possible?

Every semester I try to find some way to make my life easier. I’ve tried making study schedules and doing my work earlier than necessary. More often than not it doesn’t really work out, but its nice to think that for a week or so I had my life together.

Brand new supplies are a must

I can’t stress how important it is for me to have brand new supplies at the beginning of every semester. Obviously, not everything needs to be bought, but things like notebooks and folders are a must. I can’t continue to use a notebook that had notes for another class in them or folders that are falling apart. New supplies help me feel put together and lead to a smoother transition into the semester.

This will be the semester I finally get straight A’s

I’ve told myself this every semester since I started college. It’s not impossible to get straight A’s but I have yet to accomplish this. My studies are important but the college experience is also unique and sometimes I consciously put studying on the back-burner to have fun. Do I regret doing this? Nope.

How much money do I have to make this semester in order to have fun but also not starve?

Like many students, I have a part time job to help with my expenses. Its difficult to schedule shifts in a way that allows me to make enough money to have fun, but also have enough free time and energy to want to go out and spend the money I made. However, this semester, most of my money will go into savings as I have a list of things I want to buy by the end of summer 2k17. Thankfully, my spending habits have gotten better since I learned how to stay on top of my finances.

I hope my professors are chill AF

This is probably the most important point so it should’ve been first but whatever. No matter how interesting the subject is, if your professor isn’t cool then you’ll probably hate the class. This past semester I took a class on Chaucer which I was anticipating to be incredibly boring. However, the professor was so chill that I ended up enjoying the class much more than I expected. Always use Rate My Professor to gauge whether or not a class is worth staying in.

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