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Goals For 2017

2017 is (unbelievably) right around the corner. This is going to be a really big year for me because of graduation and moving to Korea, so I have a list of goals that I’m dead set on accomplishing this year.

Eat Healthier

This is one of those typical new years resolutions but this year I’m really trying to change the way I’m eating. I’ve noticed lately that since I haven’t been consistent with eating healthier I’ve been a lot more sluggish and tired. So, I really want to keep track of my servings of fruits and veggies while also trying to cut out any unnecessary sugar and fat.

Learn how to take care of my hair

My hair has been natural for about five years now and I still have no idea how to do a proper twist out nor do I know what products work best with my hair. I tend to always keep my hair in protective styles, however i’m planning on just wearing my hair out once I graduate. Finally, I can give my hair a break, as well as experiment more with different natural hairstyles.

Switch out bad habits for new ones

I, like many people, have a lot of bad habits. One of my worst ones is staying inside all weekend if I don’t explicitly have somewhere I need to be. This is really antisocial behavior and I need to attempt to leave my room even its just to study at a cafe.

Cut down on food spending

Let’s be real here. I’m way too broke to be spending so much money on junk foods and takeout. Sometimes I forget how cheap it is to just cook my own food rather than buying stuff all the time. Looking back, most of my spending has gone to food and I really need to stop.

Make blogging more of a priority

I’ve really neglected this blog at times. Lately I’ve been getting better with creating posts on a more regular basis, but there have been times where I’ve not posted anything for months. I really want to expand my blog this year and the best way to do this is to be consistent with my content as well as be proactive about promoting it.

Start a YouTube channel

This is something I’ve been wanting to do for quite a long time. I’ve been interested in doing things related to creating/editing videos but I never had quite enough money to buy a decent camera and equipment. But, now that I’m starting a new chapter in my life I think its the perfect time to start.

Get better in Korean

Even  though I’m currently taking Korean class at my university, I’ve known for a minute that I’ve hit a plateau in my learning curve. I’m not absorbing things as well as before and I think quite a bit of this has to do with not practicing often enough. I really want to start using Korean as often as I can so I can increase my fluency.

Learn the art of makeup

I’ve never been one too care much about makeup. Usually the most I’ll wear on a daily basis is some eyeliner and mascara. However, I think its necessary to at least get down the basics of applying foundation and doing my eyebrows, even if its something I do only on special occasions.

Buy (and use) a planner

I haven’t had a formal planner since high school and I think its really taken a toll on my organization. I’ve been relying a lot on memory to get things done and that’s not the smart way to do things. Having a planner would really make my life so much easier, especially in these next coming months.

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3 thoughts on “Goals For 2017

  1. I started a youtube channel after i was about to finish my pregnancy.. it’s amazing. I also need to buy (and use) a planner especially now that I’m a stay at home mom, doing youtube and now a blog. Loved this post


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