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Six Things I Can’t Travel Without

Since we’re in the middle of the holidays, I thought I should do a travel-themed post. Many people will be going to visit family and friends during this time, so its good to know some things that are necessary for travel. These are just a few of my travel necessities.


I have to always be listening to music when I’m traveling especially when I’m in the middle of busy airports because flying always makes me really nervous. Even if I didn’t get nervous, I feel like I would still always have music playing just because I’m never without my headphones even on a daily basis.

Chargers/Portable Battery

This is kind of obvious but I’ve been asked many times for my charger while in airports because people have forgotten theirs. Even if you’re only traveling for a short while, I think having your charger in your purse or carry on is really important. You never know when you’ll be stuck somewhere and really need it.


If your flight gets canceled or delayed, its good to have a toothbrush. Or even if that’s not the case its nice to freshen your breath every once in a while, especially since traveling puts you in close contact with many different people.

Extra Clothes

This is one of those “expect the unexpected” items on the list. You never know what might spill on you or if you’ll have to spend an extra night somewhere because of delays. I always seem to end up next to small children on my flights and so its good as a precaution to have extra clothes, in case they get rowdy and fling food all over you


People tend to forget to carry cash with them when they travel just because we live in a time where credit cards are the typical form of tender. But, I find having cash is helpful when I’m trying to buy something from a sketchy vendor. This is more of an issue when doing road trips because sometimes you’ll end up stopping in cities that don’t have big name stores that you recognize.


Even if its the middle of the summer, I will always bring a sweater with me. Airplanes, cars, trains etc tend to get really cold and since you can’t exactly walk around freely to warm up its just easier to have a sweater with you. Also, its nice to have if you’re like me and hate planes, because it gives a bit of a comforting feeling during takeoff and times of turbulence.

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