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I Wrote This Post To Procrastinate From My Finals

Finals are upon us and instead of working on my essays I’m writing this blog post. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that procrastinating has become my day job.

But in all seriousness, finals can be a trying time for many. Seeing as I’m a senior, I’ve gone through many a finals period myself. SO I’ve come up with a list of things that can help you guys get through it.

Food Prep

Its easy to neglect your eating habits when your main focus is getting a good GPA this semester. However, its almost impossible to study effectively if you aren’t eating proper meals. On the first day of study period, its great to spend a few hours just cooking a ton of food and going shopping for healthy snacks. By doing this, when you actually do get hungry while studying, you can just heat up some food rather than making the excuse that you don’t really have the time or that there’s nothing to eat.

Make A Schedule

Setting aside a set amount of time for each class will make your life so much easier. Different classes will require different amounts of hours of study and you can account for that in your schedule.You may not stick to it exactly and that’s okay. The main focus is to know that you have a plan and that there’s one thing less to stress about.


A great way to take a study break. When you’re feeling a bit tired or worn out, just taking twenty minutes to do some light exercising can go a long way. It doesn’t have to be high impact either. Something simple such as yoga or some push-ups can go a long way.


This is probably the most important thing on this list to be honest. No matter how much studying you do, if you don’t get enough hours of sleep you won’t get the optimum grade on your exam. My sophomore year I went to an exam so tired that I had to continually pinch myself in the face in order to stay awake. Ended up getting 81/200 on an exam that I knew I could do so much better on.

Make Time For Fun

Finals period shouldn’t be all about studying. If you don’t do something fun every once in awhile your mental health will suffer. A good way to get in some fun is to watch an episode of a TV show every time you eat a meal or just every couple of hours. You can give your brain a break and actually laugh a bit.


Probably the hardest thing on this list. Although it may not seem like it now, your GPA is not as important as everyone seems to think it is. Of course you should want to do well in a class you’ve spent your whole semester in, but not at the expense of your physical and mental health. Chances are you already know all of the information that is going to be on the exam, you just need a bit of a refresher to jump start your memory.

Getting a bad grade on a final exam is not the end of the world. There have been countless times where I’ve straight up failed exams and still walked away with an A or B in the class. The curve is in your favor.

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