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Magic Kingdom’s Most (and Least) Magical Rides

I’ve spent a good chunk of my childhood going to Disney World Orlando thanks to personally knowing an employee. Because of this, I’ve decided to do a Disney series where I talk about some of my favorite and least favorite attractions. Since Disney is such a big place, I’m dividing it up by park starting with Magic Kingdom.


  • Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin

This ride is so LIT. If you ride with friends, your friendship is put to the side as the competition begins. Also, the best is riding with people who have never done it before because they don’t know any of the tricks to getting a higher score.

  • Haunted Mansion

I was surprised when I found out that the movie was based on the ride and not the other way around. But, I love this ride probably because I really like things that are supposed to be scary. There’s also a part when the seats go backwards and I swear the first time I rode it I was so shocked because I thought we were gonna fall off.

  • Space Mountain

One of Magic Kingdom’s only real roller coaster rides. I really like being plunged into darkness and not being able to see where the ride will go next or where the drops are. It adds another level of suspense. The only downside is the seating is kind of small so if you have a backpack with you it gets a bit uncomfortable.


  • Mad Tea Party

Ironically enough, I used to love this ride, because who wouldn’t want to spin in life sized teacups right? But as I got older, I started getting more severe motion sickness and now I get sick just watching other people ride it. Now I totally feel for the parents who accompany their children trying to allow them to have fun spinning the cup, while simultaneously trying not to vomit.

  • It’s A Small World

Do I really have to talk about why this ride is so horrible? I think I’ve only went on it twice in my whole life and even as a kid I thought it was just…not good. Also, the song gets stuck in your head as well as the picture of hundreds of singing dolls. I feel so bad for people who work that ride and get to hear it played over and over again throughout their shifts.

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