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BTS – WINGS // A Rambling

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Many of you guys probably already know that BTS came out with a new album about a week ago. Since I love them, I’ve decided to do a little…review. However, this is less of a review and more of “I’m just gonna say whatever comes to mind when I hear this song.” Even though this is meant to be less serious and more fun I hope y’all enjoy!


Boy Meets Evil

Y’all I’m so happy that Hoseok finally got the opportunity to do the intro for one of their albums. Ever since 1verse came out i knew that his skills were straight fire and this song is no exception. The lyrics are really what get me.

“I sharpened my knife every day
But because of my uncontrollable greed,
My knife became dull”

This is some deep shit y’all. But overall this is such a great start to the album.

Blood Sweat Tears

The first time I showed this song to my friend she asked if it was a love-making song and I said no. But after reading the translations I’m not so sure. My boy Namjoon is out here referencing peaches and cream. Like. What gave you the right?

But I like the way this song is showing more of their mature side. It also showcases their vocals so well. Also, can I just say that the part where Namjoon raps and JK’s vocals come in to complement his voice just kills me every time.


This song is so emotional because we’ve actually watched Jungkook grow from a boy into a man. I can’t believe he actually made this song for his members. I also love JK’s vocals because he gives me that late 90s/early 2000s vibe that I’m so partial to.


The background music for this song in the beginning reminds me of another song but I can’t think of it. This song fits Jimin so much I feel like. Its like edgy and lowkey I’m ready to see what kind of choreo he might do for it during their next concert


I think I was the most excited to hear this song because they always have Taehyung growling in their songs (like Boy in Luv). His voice is so underrated but I LOVE LOVE LOVE his voice. This song has kind of a jazzy feeling to it which is perfect for the tone of his voice. Also, I feel like he kind of gets dismissed as the pretty face of the group but he has so much talent. The lyrics are so deep and the song is so good and my (second) bias is showing y’all

First Love

Only Min Yoongi could write such a great love song about a piano. I love his rapping style because you can really feel his emotions. You can hear the breaths he takes when he’s really into it. The way the tempo of his rapping speeds up and slows down really takes you on a journey through his lyrics and through the story he’s trying to tell. It’s AMAZING.

I actually think this is my favorite solo song on the album (sorry Namjoon). I really connect with this song so well


It’s my husband’s turn y’all.

I love when he sings because he sounds so sincere. Namjoon’s songs always make me sad because I know he’s writing about true experiences and to hear him saying how he wishes he had friends kills me. But I love how he makes himself so vulnerable for his audience. And you can really feel the passion as if his songs are like his mini journal entries and a portal into his secret thoughts. PLEASE LOVE YOURSELF BECAUSE YOUR FANS LOVE YOU ESPECIALLY ME OKAY?


This song is so playful on the outside but the lyrics tell this sad story which is sooo Hobi’s personality. He’s like total sunshine on the outside but we all know he struggles with stuff on the inside. I really like the instrumentals for the song. Its very “get up and dance.”


Okay so usually I’m not partial to Jin’s singing voice. I don’t know if its just the parts they give him in their other songs or what, but I’ve always felt that his voice doesn’t fit.

BUT I really like this song. Its like one of those songs you listen to when you’re in the car or in a plane and watching the scenery pass by while you think about your life. I think this song fits him so well and I’m glad that he’s found his sound


Bless this song. The vocal line get to have their own song like the rap line have the cypher. I don’t even know what to say about this song. Their voices blend soooooooo well. It’s such a beautiful sound especially if you’re wearing headphones

Cypher Pt 4


Every member of rapline has something I really love

Namjoon: wordplay like his puns and shit

Hoseok: the way he plays with the music with his little sound effects

Yoongi: His incredible speed and how he makes it seem so effortless

Am I Wrong

This song is so great becuase you can hear that they’re really having fun with it. It’s also impossible to not want to get up and dance your life away with this song

21st Century Girls


Its obvious that namjoon had a hand in helping to write this song because the word “bae” is in the lyrics fam. Definitely one of my favorite songs on the album

Two! Three! (Hoping For More Good Days)

This song gives me such feel good vibes AND THEY’RE ACTUALLY USING TAE TO HIS FULL POTENTIAL. I appreciate that. Also, this is one of those songs you can’t help but sing along to I think. This is true for me at least. Especially at the end with the chorus being sung with the claps in the background. Yo I can already see how they’ll perform this song at their concerts

Interlude: Wings

The song has like…an EDM kind of feel to it? It’s one of those songs you lose yourself in. Also, something that’s bothered me is that its called an interlude but shouldn’t your end song be an outro? I’m taking this as there will be like a part two to WINGS

Final Thoughts:

I really love this album. I feel like they’ve come such a long way not just as singers and rappers but also as artists. All of the members help out with creating the songs and lyrics which is different from a majority of idol groups. I’m also glad that they’re getting much more recognition for this album because they really deserve it.

Rating: 8.5/10

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