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Being A Morning Person Doesn’t Work For Me

Every year, I try and tell myself that this will be the year where I’ll finally become a morning person….and without fail it never works out.

I feel like being a night person is just so much more fun. I get most of my best work done between the hours of 10pm and 3am. For whatever reason, when the sun is up all I want to do is sleep or waste time doing God knows what.

At the beginning of this semester, I really did try. I went to bed every night at 11pm and set my alarm for 8am, even though my first class started at 10. Every morning, I would wake up, turn off my alarm and go back to sleep until 9. Then at 9, I would still want to sleep more, even though I had just slept for ten hours.

What is life.

Maybe when I go out into the real world with a 9-5 job, it’ll come naturally. Until then, I guess I’m stuck with my horrible nocturnal habits.

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