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4 Tips For Avoiding All-Nighters


I just pulled my second all-nighter of the semester and let me tell you: mistakes have been made. I went to class at 10 AM feeling like absolute trash and the worst part is that the exam I stayed up all night to study for wasn’t even that hard. I could’ve had a nice night of sleep y’all.

So. I’ve put together a list of things that (hopefully) will help you guys try and avoid those long nights of studying and homework. I’ll also try and take my own advice and stop finding myself in these situations.

Reviewing your notes on a weekly basis

It’s easy to write notes for a class and then forget about them until the midterm. However, taking some time out of your weekend to just read and understand your notes from the whole week will help you remember them. That way when you’re studying for your midterm, you’re not spending time trying to learn the material for the first time and instead can actually review.

Ask for help

This is a big one, because most of the time when all-nighters happen its because we put off that really big and difficult assignment until the last minute. The best way to combat this is to go to office hours and actually try to work through the more difficult aspects of the assignment with your professor or TA. I can’t stress enough how the usefulness of office hours.

Make the most of your time during the day

This seems kind of obvious but its something that I really struggle with. I’m very much someone who works better at night, so I’ll typically waste my daytime hours doing dumb shit. But using those hours during the day to get assignments done will help you out later on and you can spend your nights doing things you actually enjoy (like sleep).

Use some type of planner/calendar

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to stay up working on something simply because I forgot the due date. I feel like having a planner is so useful because we can’t always rely on our memory to remember to do things. Especially during college, because most of us tend to be sleep deprived like 80 percent of the time.

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