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The Time That Spicy Food Betrayed Me // Story Time

This story is my first post-21st birthday alcohol mishap. I love to drink and I love to eat spicy food but who knew they don’t actually go well together??

So I turned 21 almost six months ago in April. The day of my actual birthday I couldn’t do anything particularly fun, because we were in the middle of exam time and I basically spent my whole birthday in the library. BUT that next Wednesday me and one of my friends went out to a bar for fishbowls.


Fishbowls for those who don’t know are literally fishbowls filled with alcohol (and soda i think). They’re intended to be for like 5-6 people but since most of my friends hadn’t (and still haven’t) turned 21 yet, it was just the two of us.

I distinctly remember, after taking the first sip, saying to my friend that this drink was dangerous, because it was so fruity you couldn’t taste the alcohol. But I had watched them make it so somewhere in the back of my mind I knew exactly how much alcohol was in it. Between the two of us we almost finished the whole bowl.

As we were sitting, I felt perfectly fine. I was enjoying the music and watching other people dance badly. But as soon as we made a move to leave the bar, I felt it all hit me at once. My vision got blurry and I struggled to make the five minute walk back home. Thankfully we have a 7/11 nearby so I bought a bottle of Gatorade to try and sober up as fast as possible.

After the Gatorade I actually felt pretty okay. I didn’t feel sick or dizzy anymore. But all of the sudden I was STARVING. So I checked my fridge and saw that I had some buffalo wings.

This is where things went wrong.

After eating the plate full of wings, I got so sick. I was basically throwing up all night and my roommate had to buy me some more Gatorade and some bread to try and calm my stomach.

I couldn’t even go to class the next day.

Moral of the story: Spicy food and alcohol do not mix. Don’t do it.

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