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So I Attended My First #BlackLivesMatter Rally

One of the organizations at my school put together a Black Lives Matter rally so that anyone on campus in support of the cause could come together and stand in solidarity.

This isn’t the first one that we’ve had but its the first that I actually attended. In the past, I honestly didn’t see how my presence mattered at this type of event. I never saw myself as the “type” to rally and protest (whatever that means), so I would always be at the sidelines and hear about everything later on.

This time, I thought that it’d be a good experience to see firsthand what I was missing out on. Everyone planned to wear black and we marched for a good twenty minutes while also chanting phrases such as “Black lives matter” and “no justice, no peace”.

As we were walking, I felt a really overwhelming amount of emotion. I felt angry because of the reason we were rallying in the first place. I felt sad because I know that our efforts, along with the efforts of other black people across the nation, are ignored by many. I felt happy that so many people of all races came out to support. I felt proud that I finally got to experience something like this.

Marching with people who share the same sentiments brought about this feeling of belonging that I can’t really describe in words.

I didn’t feel like an individual who was just chanting empty words. Instead I felt that we were one giant entity that held this enormous power and a strong voice. The best part about it was that many people who saw us along the way decided to join in, so that by the time we got to our final destination our group had almost doubled.

I’m really happy that I took time out of my day to have this experience. Its something that I want to do more in the future and I encourage others to take part in events like these at their schools. Its especially important when you attend a school like mine where black people only make up about five percent of the student body. It helps to know that you aren’t alone and that there are others fighting your same battle.

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