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My Writing Process Is An Organized Mess

I love to write but sometimes the amount of time it takes to even start putting words to paper (or in this case computer screen) makes it hard. I’ve mapped out the ways that I like to plan and execute my writing. Hopefully this will give you a glimpse into how my writing comes into creation.

Formal Essays

  • Read the prompt and cry because its most likely so complicated that I have to spend two hours just trying to understand what it wants from me
  • Take a 3×5 note card or a sheet of printer paper to jot down notes, organize things, and just kind of get all of my ideas in one place.
  • Open Microsoft word and write my header
  • Open google chrome and proceed to spend the next two hours watching Youtube videos or catching up with old friends in a last ditch attempt to procrastinate
  • Typically I’ll write my thesis first and then write the body paragraphs and conclusion
  • “Type without thinking” is basically my process at first. I write down anything that comes to mind that even remotely makes sense.
  • Go back and organize things, revise spelling, add in facts or quotes
  • I like to write in single space at first so that I can see a whole paragraph at once without having to scroll up and down
  • I always write the intro last because you can’t introduce something you haven’t written yet
  • I’m really self conscious about having people read my writing so I never have anyone peer review before sending it in…which could potentially hurt me but I guess I’ll never know

Average time spent: Anywhere from six hours to a whole day

Blog Posts

  • Spend the whole day thinking about a topic to write about. Some days I’ll come up with one topic and some days I’ll manage to find three. It really just depends on what life throws my way
  • Listen to music for a good hour to organize my thoughts in my head
  • Type without thinking because its what I do best
  • Go back and revise what I’ve written
  • Write the intro. For blog posts I feel like the intro is especially important because you need a way to get readers hooked on your post
  • Think of a title that will make my mama proud
  • I think I neglect grammar a bit when writing blog posts but I’ve gotten into this habit where I write the same way that I talk. Since I don’t always talk grammatically correct this is how things turn out.

Average time spent: One or two hours usually if you scratch the part about finding all day to find a topic

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