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Things College Students Will Understand

I think this is list number three in my series of college related lists. I’ll probably continue doing more of these because they tend to be the most fun to write and people seem to be enjoying them!

Always being broke 

College is a time of experiencing what its like to have only $3.47 in your bank account for weeks at a time.We’re somehow always broke, but at the same time can always find the cash needed to buy things that we don’t really need.

Doing random calculations in your head 

Example: My class starts at 10:00. It takes me 12 minutes to walk there if I walk at a medium speed. I can get ready in approximately 21 minutes if I brush my teeth while in the shower. I must also account for the 5 minutes it takes me to actually roll out of bed. If it is 9:03 right now then I can sleep for another 19 minutes.

You must protect your food with your life

I go to a school where people will leave their $1000+ Mac laptops straight chillin on a table unattended and have no care in the world. However, they will take their $2 bag of chips with them wherever they’re going because they know that college is essentially just a jungle full of hungry students waiting to prey on your food.

If there is free food at an event we will go to it

Food is hard to come by, especially if you only have three dollars to your name. I could be totally uninterested in an event, but you know if I see the words “refreshments provided” on their poster I’ll be there in a heartbeat.

Skipping class to catch up for another class

It’s an unfortunate cycle. I partied too hard last weekend so I didn’t finish this assignment for Class 1. But if I skip class 2 and get the assignment done then all is good. Then next week comes around and you’re behind in class 2 so you have to skip class 3.

The fear you feel when an assignment is due but your computer is acting up

The clock reads 11:58 p.m and you’re ready to hit the submit button, but all of the sudden your computer freezes and you can’t submit. Most of the time this is due to everyone turning in their stuff all at the same time but it still sucks. Especially when you have the professor who is strict about every aspect of their class and won’t accept late work even when you cry in front of them

Sometimes spending all day in bed is a day well spent

Between classes, part time jobs, club meetings, and hanging out with friends, sometimes its hard just to find a few minutes to yourself. That’s why when there are days when you can just lay in bed, those tend to be the most relaxing.

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