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The Incomplete List of Things That Make Me Happy

I love creating lists so I made a list of things that make me happy. Some of these things may be completely relatable while others may just be specific to me. While typing this list I realized that many of these things are so simple and it really just shows how the small things can really bring so much joy.

  • When my nails are done and I wear pretty rings
  • Hearing music that I haven’t heard in a while that brings back good memories
  • eating spicy foods
  • getting new shoes
  • reading a book that really makes me contemplate life
  • fall sweater weather
  • watching someone talk about something they really like and their face lights up
  • baking yummy stuff
  • when I can go home from college and shower without worrying about contracting some kind of disease
  • finding money in unexpected spaces even if its just a quarter
  • when the vending machine accidentally gives me two of whatever I asked for
  • being able to get gifts for other people
  • eating cereal
  • having cute boys in my classes
  • learning Korean
  • feeling confident about how I look in the mirror
  • when my glasses don’t have any smudges on them
  • drinking ice cold water
  • finally understanding a concept that made no sense to me for the longest time
  • the smell of Christmastime
  • people actually encouraging me when I tell them about my plans to go to Korea
  • the fact that I’m graduating in like less than a year
  • when my room is clean
  • watching horror movies
  • finding other people who also love horror movies
  • having deep conversations with people who understand me

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