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Apps That I Use Basically Everyday

I have no real fun apps on my phone. None.

Image result for spotify


The only app I actually pay money for. I have the student discount for premium so you know its LIT. It’s so easy to make playlists so I can share them with friends and download them for later.


Everyone at my school has GroupMe. Its literally the only way that we communicate with each other. If you don’t have it then you’re gonna be out of the loop unfortunately.

Image result for kakao


This is how I keep in touch with my best friend and my sister. Sure, we could just use a regular texting app but Kakao has the cutest emojis ever.

Image result for venmo


This app has been such a lifesaver. Its basically a way to send money directly to friends. Especially helpful when you need to pay back friends after a night out.

Image result for naver


I downloaded Naver a few months ago to help with my Korean but I use it SO much more than I could have expected. I read news, browse webtoons, and use the Korean dictionary on it

Image result for tumblr


I haven’t really been an active Tumblr user for a while now but its┬ástill a great site. No better way to pass time than with mindless scrolling

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