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The Conjuring 2 // Movie Review

I’m back with another movie review! The Conjuring is one of my favorite horror movies that has come out in the past few years so I was really excited to watch and be able to review the second installment for you guys.


Plot: A single mom and her four kids are being terrorized by an evil entity in their home. Eleven year old Janet is especially affected as the ghost has basically chosen her to possess and control throughout most of the movie. Ed and Lorraine Warren are called by the church to check out their situation. Lorraine is hesitant to help because she had premonitions of Ed’s death and worries that taking on any more cases will be dangerous.

Positive Points

  • Cinematography. I’m not an expert on movie-making by any means. But I really did appreciate the time and effort put into figuring out which angles make the movie more scary for the viewers. This is something I really liked about the first movie as well.
  • Storyline. I liked how the first half of the movie had the family trying to deal with the demon by themselves while also showing Ed and Lorraine’s life leading up to the point where they finally decide to fly to London
  • There were points in the movie that were very “feel good” where I felt like they were actually humanizing the characters rather than just making them seem like pawns in the demon’s game. I especially liked the scene where Ed sings Elvis Presley with family.

Negative Points

  • The scene where Ed plays back the tapes in the train so that they play exactly with the right timings killed me. I know its a movie but…come on.
  • If they were able to banish the nun demon back to hell, then was the old man finally able to move on? Or was he still trapped in the house? Questions I need answered.

Rating: 8/10

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. I really love horror movies and I appreciate when I can find good ones. These days, I can never find any that have the same scare factor as the classics.

Apparently, they’re also in the process of creating a spin-off for this movie centering around the nun demon character. I’m looking forward to what they’re going to do with the story line and everything.

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