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25 Facts: A Reintroduction

I feel so bad about being MIA for like a month that I’ve compiled a list of (hopefully interesting) facts about myself for you guys to enjoy

  • I have a deep appreciation for alone time and just being able to gather my thoughts which is basically impossible when I’m around other people
  • My middle name is Georgena. It’s not the typical spelling because apparently my dad wanted George to be included in my name somewhere and this was the only way.
  • My favorite bubble tea flavor is taro
  • I have a ring that says “love” that I wear on my right ring finger and I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve actually taken it off
  • I used to have this recurring dream where a train would come through my house during certain times of the day and my family would go about their day as if it were nothing
  • I think spicy foods are superior to any other type of food
  • I’m a senior in college but my future is just as unclear as when I first got here
  • I prefer wearing sneakers over sandals
  • I rarely ever text anyone first. Not because I don’t care about people but because I get lazy
  • I currently have a cold right now even though its the summer. What is life.
  • I wonder why America can’t step up their game and have things like sheep cafes for me to enjoy
  • I’ve only been 21 for a few months but my favorite drink so far is a tequila sunrise
  • This list originally had numbers instead of bullet points but I messed it up y’all.
  • I’ve recently started preferring to walk places rather than taking the bus everywhere
  • Even though I’m an English major my best subject is actually math. Go figure.
  • Rather than having a ton of money, I’d rather just be financially stable while having a job I enjoy
  • I hope this list isn’t boring
  • I get paranoid when I wear things like scented lotions because I don’t want it to seem like I bathed in perfume or something
  • I had a kidney stone last year and it was probably the worst experience of my life
  • I don’t like drinking water out of a cup. I only like drinking water out of a bottle
  • I think every language I know is associated with one of my¬†emotions or states of being
  • I’m the type of girl who doesn’t mind making the first move because I don’t like waiting around for things I want
  • When celebs I like come out with relationship news, I’m genuinely very happy for them
  • Ever since coming to college, I have acquired so much more confidence
  • If i could suddenly only watch cartoons for the rest of my life, I would not be unhappy.

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