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I Have a Love-Hate Relationship with Theme Parks

I love theme parks a lot. Living in Orlando, I’ve been to Disney and Universal more times than I can count. But, even though they can be a good time, there are always certain things that can get on my nerves. Here are some of my theme park pet peeves:

People making sudden movements

Theme parks are very crowded. If you want to stop to look around or read the map, just move to the side to try and make things easier for everyone. I hate when people just stop or turn suddenly. Especially when they knock right into you and then proceed to act like it was your fault.

Leaving messes and trash everywhere

It is not okay to leave food and trash at the table. Yes, there are restaurants where they will fully bus the table for you, but that doesn’t mean you can leave food smeared all over the table with trash on the floor. Also, if you see everyone around you taking their trays to the trash themselves, what makes you think that you shouldn’t do the same?

People who go on single rider lines as groups

STOP THIS. You will ruin it for everyone. I always tend to go for single ride lines because its quicker and I’ve been on enough rides to know which ones are better in groups. But, the worst is when people take their whole group on the single rider line and ask to stay together. THAT’S NOT HOW THIS WORKS. YOU’RE TRYING TO CHEAT THE SYSTEM


People who blatantly walk through others pictures

Yes, people who are using the whole walkway to take pictures can be annoying. But, for some of these people they never know when they’ll be able to come back again, if ever. Instead of walking through the picture at least try to avoid it. Its just common courtesy.

People who wear ponchos on water rides

It’s a water ride. You’re gonna get wet. If you’re worried about your clothes getting soaked, then bring a change of clothes in your bag.

Complaining about wait times

ITS A THEME PARK. There are thousands of other people here who are also trying to have a good time. The number one rule of theme parks is that most of the time spent there is waiting in line. Wear comfortable shoes. Come with people you like who will keep you entertained. Read a book idk.

Excessive complaining about the weather 

THIS IS FLORIDA. Just because this is called “the sunshine state” doesn’t mean you can expect clear weather all year round. I’ve actually witnessed people saying they’ve wasted their money because the rain is keeping them from having fun. There’s still plenty to do in the rain.Don’t be over dramatic. Bring an umbrella.

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