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Seven Things You Need To Bring To College

I’ve been doing a few of these college themed lists lately but I feel like it’s necessary to help out any incoming freshmen. When I left for college I had no clue what to bring, and I wish I had been given a lot more advice. Hopefully these lists will help someone out there!

Electric Kettle

I originally bought one to be able to make cup ramen from my room since I anticipated a really crappy college diet. BUT it turned out to be really useful because I can also make instant coffee, tea, and other miscellaneous things. My friend that does hair also borrowed it to do things like curl hair, seal braids, etc.


I’ve talked to many people who feel like they’ve outgrown using some kind of planner. But honestly, it wasn’t until college that I felt like I absolutely needed one. Between assignments, exams, meetings, work shifts etc. there’s no way that I’ll remember everything that needs to be done on my own.


This may be specific to just my school but every building I’ve lived in so far has not had any type of A/C. This really shocked me at first because I come from Florida where basically everywhere has central air. A fan is a must to survive the first few weeks of the semester before the cooler fall weather kicks in.


You never know how the lighting in your room will turn out. My freshman dorm room didn’t have any lighting except for the extremely dim desk light and the light from the closet. It definitely wasn’t enough to light the whole room, which made it difficult to get tasks done.

Shower Caddy

You don’t want your stuff to touch the shower floor. You just don’t. I’ve seen disgusting things in the showers at school. Also, its just easier to have all of your bathroom stuff in one place.

External Hard drive

A life saver. I have so many files on mine and haven’t even made a dent in the available space. It also helps to keep my laptop free of too many files so that it’ll run faster


If you come from a family where your food is typically heavily spiced be sure to bring some. I can guarantee that the food at the dining halls will be bland in comparison to any food you’re used to. I always have hot sauce in my room. Always.

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