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The Purge: Election Year // Movie Review


This weekend I watched The Purge: Election Year with my sister. I had pretty high expectations only because I am a big fan of the franchise, but I’ve got to say this this was probably my least favorite out of all three.


Plot: We’re in the middle of an election year and it seems that the two candidates’ main disagreement is on whether or not the annual Purge should continue. Senator Roan desperately wants the Purge to end, especially because on a Purge night eighteen years prior, she had watched her whole family be murdered. Purge night arrives and the “new founding fathers” have put together a plan to murder Sen. Roan. So she ends up outside on Purge night along with her head of security Leo Barnes (who was also a main character in The Purge: Anarchy).

Positive Points:

  • Election Year is a continuation of the second installment Anarchy in that it explains that the Purge was actually created as a way to get rid of a certain part of the population. Its a much better reasoning than in the first movie, where the Purge is a fool-proof way to keep the country crime free every other day of the year.
  • There was a good amount of humor that lightened up the mood at certain parts. My favorite scene is when the teen girls roll up in their Christmas light car with Party In the USA blasting through the speakers with weapons just to steal a candy bar. Some of the scenes were so ridiculous but they gave me a good laugh.

Negative Points:

  • Profanity. Now usually I’m not one to complain about the usage of curse words. I’ve got a pretty dirty mouth myself at times. BUT for some reason the amount of cursing and the choice of words was kind of distasteful. My heart stopped when I heard both the words c*nt and c***sucker coming from the same guy’s mouth within the span of like two minutes.
  • Cathedral scene. I don’t know if this scene was supposed to be a statement on radical Christians but it was really unsettling. The fact that these people were murdering innocents during a catholic mass and using these acts as a sort of purification is just so wrong.
  • Ending. I felt as if the end was missing something. Maybe its just me, but I like hearing the siren at the end signaling that Purge night is over. However, there was no siren and instead there was a time jump explaining that the Senator had won the presidential race. The ending did, however, set the scene for another movie to be created if the directors are up for it.

Rating: 6/10. It wasn’t incredibly horrible but it definitely didn’t live up to the hype.

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