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How I Found Out Americanos Aren’t All That Fancy

Who knew that a part time job could actually be fun?

I started working at my current job at the beginning of my sophomore year. I really wanted to work at a cafe rather than an actual dining hall or the library. I was excited to to learn how to make fancy coffee drinks and do latte art like a real barista. However, my job location mainly served pastries with our only coffee option being the drip coffee that was served from a canister.

Last year when I came back from summer vacation, I was surprised to learn that my job had turned into an ACTUAL cafe. We all had to learn how to make espresso drinks as well as pour over tea, pour over coffee, and frozen coffee drinks. At first, it was pretty intimidating having to learn all of the techniques that went along with making each drink. However, I found that I actually have an aptitude for making coffee. Who would’ve thought??

During the course of this year, I went from being a regular worker to becoming the cafe supervisor which I actually really love doing. I’m grateful that my managers thought that I would be a good fit for the job. Not only do I get to create a special bond with all of the workers but I also get to contribute to how to make the cafe better for the upcoming semesters.

Weirdly enough, I thought I would absolutely hate interacting with customers when I first signed up. However, it has unexpectedly become my favorite part of the job. It’s a great experience making small talk with customers as I pour their afternoon coffee. The most satisfaction comes from hearing a “Thanks Bianca!” as people actually stop to read my name tag.

Of course, there will always be downsides to a job. Sometimes, you get customers who think that their time is more valuable than that of others. Even worse, you have those who don’t bother to look you in the eye as they snatch their pastry out of your hand without so much as a thank you. Baristas are people too guys.

But the pros definitely outweigh the cons. Overall, I LOVE BEING A BARISTA

Its an experience I never thought I would have but I absolutely love. I’ll be sad to leave my cafe when I graduate this year.

BTW since I watch a lot of Korean television, I’ve noticed that Koreans love to order iced americanos. Before I learned about coffee, I thought that Americanos must be the fanciest drink on the planet. But then I realized that they’re just regular espresso, water, and ice AKA black coffee. You can’t even imagine my disappointment when I discovered this.

I also still don’t know how to do latte art.

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