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Almost two years ago, I took a Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test with my career counselor to determine my personality type. I’m not one to take these things too seriously mainly because I find it hard to believe that all seven billion people on earth can fit into one of sixteen personality types. But, I also have a huge interest in psychology so I decided to go into this with an open mind.

I took the test (which was incredibly long BTW) and actually came out as an ENFP.

ENFPs are people who crave creativity and hate being trapped. We prefer to see the big picture rather than focus on the smaller details. We’re also incredibly independent and hate to be micromanaged. We thrive better in careers that don’t require repetition and where each day leads to new experiences and challenges.

The best part about knowing your MBTI type has to be the list of career paths that would play best to your strengths. On my list included things such as journalist, counselor and teacher. Surprisingly enough, I have interest in all three of these areas.

Because of how much the MBTI helped me to find a new path, lately I’ve been looking into all types of personality tests. Today, I came across another type of personality test called Enneagram which I thought I would try out just for the heck of it.

Here are my results:

Screenshot (42)

Honestly I can’t say that I’m surprised that my type for this test falls in a gray area. There are so many facets to my personality that even I don’t understand. However, I googled the ENFP Type 5 v ENFP Type 6 and I think that I’m definitely more a 5.

Even though I don’t believe in defining your whole life by a personality type, I think its a great guide to figuring out things like careers. It won’t work for everyone but for me it really helped to find a new career path when I was in the process of changing my major.

I would encourage everyone to try it even if its just for fun!

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