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Junior Year Woes

I’m two months into my junior year of college and I’m more confused about life now than I was when I first got here.

Every time I meet someone new I’m greeted with the dreaded “You’re in college? What do you study?” and when I reply with “English” I’m always met with the same reactions. The person either smiles in my face and says “that’s cool” or they look at me with a confused expression and question my decision to change my major.

I’m happy with my decision to change to English but it’s so difficult to defend my choices to people who really don’t know much about me. Honestly, I really shouldn’t have to defend myself, but I just can’t stand back and watch as people with degrees in the humanities are constantly looked down upon. Not everyone can be doctors and engineers.

Now that graduation is something that is actually in the near future, I’m really scared about teaching English abroad in Korea. Anyone who knows me will know that I’m incredibly excited to go abroad for my gap year. BUT I can’t help but to have certain reservations. Will I be able to handle being the odd one out in a country where 98% of the population all look alike?

Lastly, what exactly am I doing for grad school?? Should I go to business school? Or should I do a more English based grad program? Or maybe both?

At this point in my life so many choices have been made, but I still have so many more to make. I’m not necessarily afraid of making mistakes, but making wrong choices at this stage in life is so much more difficult to fix than when we were young.

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