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My Favorite Kpop Artists

I can’t understand how so many kpop fans on twitter that I follow can only be a part of one fandom. It’s hard enough for me to narrow it down to like ten let alone one group that I love above all others.

So I’ve created a list of my favorite korean artists including my bias (if applicable) and my favorite song of theirs.

They are in no particular order btw.

1. 2PM

Bias: Jun. K

Favorite Song: Electricity

I’ve stanned 2PM since…forever really. They were really the first group where I liked them beyond just their music. I watched all of their variety show appearances and live music show performances. I’ve also biased pretty much every member at one point or another but Jun K holds a pretty special place in my heart. In recent years, I haven’t kept with them as much, mostly because they haven’t been releasing as many songs in Korea and I want to distance myself from them before they’re off to the army…which should be pretty soon i think.

2. Tae Yang

Favorite Song: Sinner

Although I really love Big Bang, I find myself to be more of a fan of Tae Yang’s solo work. He consistently puts out music that I really like whereas Big Bang in recent years has been really hit or miss for me. His voice is so nice and soothing to me. I don’t get how so many people think he can’t sing.

3. San E

Favorite Song: Body Language

A lot of people don’t really like San E’s rap style but I love love love it. Idk if its his voice or his flow but I’m so attracted to his music. His voice is also very distinctive and I really like that quality in a rapper.

4. Miss A

Bias: Jia

Favorite Song: I Don’t Need A Man

FIRST GIRL GROUP ON THE LIST. and maybe the last?? I’m not really a big fan of girl groups. However, I’m always excited when Miss A comes out with new songs. They’re always really catchy and the dances are pretty easy to learn.

5. EXO

Bias: Kim Jongin AKA Kai

Favorite Song: 시선 둘, 시선 하나 (What If..)

I tried so hard to not like EXO. I really did. I remember when they came out and I wasn’t too impressed with MAMA. I also wasn’t really willing to learn the names of twelve more boys. BUT one day i stumbled upon the kpopmeetsblackwomen tumblr page and literally all they talked about was (and still is) Kai. So I watched EXO showtime and I was trapped for life. One of the things about EXO that I like is that even though their title songs are catchy, its their ballads that are GOLD. I’m a sucker for a good korean ballad.

6. GOT7

Bias: Wild & Sexy Jackson

Favorite Song:  U Got Me

GOT7 is like…a 2nd generation 2PM for me. I love all of the members and I watch anything and everything that has to do with them. They’re all so crazy and make me laugh so much. I feel like if I had to choose a group to hang with for a day it would probably be them. They seem like a lot of fun.

7. BTS

Bias: I’ll let you know when I figure it out

Favorite Song: Tomorrow

Let me tell you something. BTS is the group that I never knew I was waiting for all of these years. I’ve been into kpop for almost a decade now and I’ve never stanned a group so hard. All of their songs are so amazing and its even more amazing that they write and produce them themselves. I would pour my life savings into buying a ticket to one of their concerts. I also can’t choose a bias which is a real problem. They’re all just so precious. I can’t do it.

My “To Watch” List

Monsta X




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