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Monsta X Has Stolen My Heart

Rookie group Monsta X has stolen my heart and my sanity. My Youtube history is now filled with their videos and honestly I have no regrets.

I stumbled upon this new group when their dance practice video for Trespass showed up in my recommended videos. They even have a beagle version for the dance practice.

I’ve slowly gotten to know each member and their personalities (along with my little sister who recently has become quite the kpop fan).


Our adorable leader who is a really really talented dancer. He also seems to be really shy and awkward which for some reason makes me gravitate towards him more. He was originally a JYP trainee and trained with the boys from GOT7. He has such a nice face and a really great body too. His arms are to die for. Literally anytime his body is shown my sister can be heard screaming “OHHHHH MY GOOOOODDD” in a weird singsong voice.


A huge ball of sunshine that makes you all warm inside. Seriously. Whenever he smiles, I want to smile. His face also looks really unique. Like he’s on a whole other level of idol handsomeness.


He’s like that one member who you’ll forever think is the maknae but in reality he’s actually one of the hyungs. His ideal type is also a chubby girl which is not something we typically hear from idols. I also read somewhere that he wants a girl who’s “like a cat” but I’m not sure what that means…nor do I know if that’s 100% true.


My sister and I are in love with this boy’s face. Since the first day we discovered them, he’s the one who automatically caught our eye. I honestly just want a huge poster of just him for my wall.


I think he’s my sister’s favorite but I’m not sure. She keeps talking about how tall he is and how adorable he is. I’m just on the side like calm down girl we all know how cute he is. He seems to be a bit on the quiet side so I’m hoping he comes out of his shell more. I also will never forget how he tried to dance to Gain’s Paradise Lost during a game of charades. Too funny.

Image result for jooheon monsta x


I really can’t get over this boy. Everything about him draws me to him. It’s like I’ve fallen for him and I can’t get up. But seriously though he’s an extremely talented rapper and seems to be the most outgoing out of the seven boys. His dimples are to die for and he has such good aegyo. His hat game is pretty much always on point too.


I actually have no idea what to say about I.M. My sister says he has a really nice Boston accent but I have yet to hear it. He has apparently lived in Israel which is super cool.

My sister has just informed me that she has yet to pick a favorite but she is choosing between Hyungwon, Kihyun and I.M.

I have really high hopes for this group. I really hope they don’t disappoint me with their next comeback, which I am already waiting for even though they just debuted.

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