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EXO on After School Club

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I don’t usually watch this show but Kai and Baekhyun were there so obviously I had to watch.

There were so many cute moments throughout the whole one hour episode. My baby Kai looked so good.

^you had one job babe.

I screamed at my laptop every time the live stream decided to lag or just stop altogether.

Their home shopping poses were too cute. It’s so hard to take them seriously sometimes.

What is even going on in this gif right here?

His jawline is perfection ohmygod.

That part when the fans had to do a music video pop quiz actually killed me. Like how the hell do you know that Baekhyun threw the ball with his right hand? Is this how hawk-eyed fans are supposed to be?

And Kai’s interactions with the fans who are women of color just melted me. He is obviously attracted to girls of darker skin. He can’t even hide it. If he married a woman of color they would have such beautiful babies. I can see it already.

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