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Letter to My Future Self

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and now seems like a good time so here goes nothing.

Dear 25 year old Bianca,

Hope you’re alive and healthy. This is your 20 year old self. There’s a lot of things I want to have happened by the time i’m 25 and I’m hoping you’ve accomplished at least a few of them. If not then that’s okay too. I actually trust myself to make good decisions and I hope that whatever you’re doing is what you want to do and not anyone else.

Are you in a serious relationship? Or maybe a not so serious relationship? Don’t rush into marriage or anything just because you might see everyone around you getting married. You’re not the type to want to be tied down too early in life so do a lot of thinking if marriage is on your mind. If you’re single then live it up while you still can haha.

Where in the world are you right now? I’d like to think that you went to Korea to study English right after college. Are you in grad school? If so then where? Maybe you’re still in Korea. Did you meet someone special there? Are you still teaching English?

How are your relationships with the fam? Angelique should be 21 and in college most likely. Do you still talk to her? You talk to mom right? She needs people in her life. Don’t leave her alone.

Whatever you’re doing right now, I’m proud of you for making it this far. I know how hard it is for you sometimes. Take everything one day at a time. If your life isn’t so great right now, that’s fine. You’ll get through it. I believe in you so so so much. I hope that when I’m 25 I’ll actually look back to this blog and read this letter.

Until next time,

20 year old Bianca.

P.S. if by some weird turn of events you already have a child, tell them I say hi. Can’t wait to meet my future son or daughter


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