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Unexpected Miracles

After a pretty dull week something quite unexpected and awesome happened. I got a new phone!

So I’ve been rocking the Samsung Galaxy S3 for about…two years now and while I loved that phone a lot, I’ve been thinking for awhile that it was time to change my phone. However, there was a slight problem.

I had no idea what phone I wanted or where to get it. I currently am on MetroPCS which for those of you who don’t know is a no contract phone service. It definitely has its pros and cons because although the monthly payments are super cheap, in order to buy the latest phone models you literally have to sell your soul.

Today my mom went to activate her new phone and I kind of just tagged along to the store because why not. And while we were there, the customer service guy tells my mom that my phone needed to be upgraded.

Now I have been receiving texts from Metro for awhile about upgrading my phone but I thought they just wanted my money.  But that’s not the case. Apparently on July 1st, all of the CDMA towers will be obsolete and any phones that are CDMA and not GSM, will become useless and worthless.

SO. The sales rep said that my phone was worth 300 dollars so I could pick any phone I wanted with 300 dollars worth of credit already put towards the price. I was shocked to say the least.

I ended up picking a phone called SKY 6.0Q. I know nothing about this brand or anything. I legitimately picked it because it was free for me and the screen is huge. I think its as big as the iPhone 6 Plus.

Anyway, I’ve had this phone for a good…8 hours now and I’m loving it a lot so far. I’m really glad I tagged along to the store today. Got a good phone without having to break the bank. What more can I ask for?

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