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HISTORY- Might Just Die (죽어버릴지도 몰라)

Where have they been all my life?

So I originally heard about HISTORY back when they first debuted like…two years ago? I remember not really being wowed by their debut single but my best friend was IN LOVE with their vocals.

After about a month after their debut I totally forgot about them.

Until I stumbled upon this video:

They’re dancing blindfolded. Can we just just stop for a second and appreciate that fact?

Blindfolded. I couldn’t believe it. Still can’t actually.

So then I watched the actual music video, and a few lives and some BTS from the MV filming. I’m kind of hooked now.

Kyungil gives me life.

Those abs. They’re slaying.

We also can’t forget about his arms. I’m a sucker for incredible arms.

Is that a sheet around his waist?

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