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30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 20

Day 20: How important you think education is

Extremely important.

If more people around the world were educated, then underdeveloped countries may be able to develop more. I also think there is too much of a divide between the types of education people get even within a country.

I live in the US and the education I received at my schools in Florida is way different then the education kids in say New York state receive. In my case at least, I feel like our school curriculum didn’t put enough emphasis on science from a young age. I didn’t learn science at all during elementary school, so when I got to middle and high school I was always a little behind. Even now in college, I still feel the effects of not having a solid science background.

Ever since coming to college, I’ve taken more of an interest in inequalities. This doesn’t include just racial and economic inequalities, it also pertains to things like education.

And while I’m on the topic of inequalities, I want to go off a small tangent. I think that with my English degree I want to go into the entertainment business and do something with talent casting. One of the things I see most on blogs and various other websites are the calling for more representation of certain minority groups. Not only are certain minority groups underrepresented, they are also misrepresented. For example, when one sees an Asian man on television they are either martial arts experts or the shy, nerdy type. This how stereotypes are bred. In the future I want to help everyone get the right type of representation in the media.

End of tangent.

But yeah education is very important. Not even just with learning things such as math and science but it also helps create an awareness of things like current events.

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