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30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 19

Day 19: Your biggest regret in life

So for a while now, I’ve been trying to live by this quote I saw on Tumblr. It goes something like “Regret nothing because at one point in time it was exactly what you wanted”.

Out of all the cheesy and inspirational quotes I’ve seen on the Internet, this one by far has affected my day to day life the most.

I actually find myself to be much happier because of it. I stopped having those moments of “what if i did this?” because I know that whatever choice I made at that moment must have seemed to be the best choice.

So instead of biggest regret, I can talk about the biggest frustration in my life right now: Finding something to do this summer.

This semester I was in the middle of changing majors and career paths so trying to find an internship wasn’t exactly at the forefront of my mind. At this point, I’m looking at three months of unbearable boredom in front of me and its really starting to depress me.

I want to do something fun or interesting with my summer for once.

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