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Angry Mom Is Over and I’m Not Ready Yet

I feel like I just started this drama and it’s already over.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

This drama definitely had me hooked from beginning to end. I love strong female leads and in K-drama world I feel like there’s not enough of them.

The character development in this drama was actually so good.

Literally every single one of these characters had some kind of major change. Especially Sang Tae because he finally stopped wearing those glasses that didn’t even have lenses haha.

One thing I was really hoping for was a change in Joo Ae Yeon’s character. Throughout the whole story she was just a follower trying to do what was best for herself and back stabbed people multiple times.

Then she also had the nerve to be angry that all of the guys were going to blame the crimes on her. She should’ve left when Kang Ja told her to. She’s just so dumb at times that I really can’t deal with her.

But I guess in the end she got what she deserved and went to jail with her whole squad.

I was really sad that Go Bok Dong has this whole unrequited love thing going on. Even Gong Joo realizes how much he likes Kang Ja but she doesn’t want to even acknowledge it. Either that or she really is just clueless about the whole thing.

His love for her is too real.

I’m kind of hoping for a season two but I know that there’s a small possibility of that happening. I do feel as if there are still things that need to be resolved though. Maybe its just me.

This drama is definitely in my top 5 now. Would recommend to anyone looking for something other than the typical romance drama.

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