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30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 15

Day 15: Write 15 interesting facts about yourself

This is one day late but finals are upon us so I have an excuse

1. I recently got into reading fanfiction and its simultaneously the best and worst decision I have ever made.

2. I look so different with and without my glasses that sometimes people don’t recognize me if they’re only used to one or the other

3. When I study I like to chew fruity gum

4. I hate riding in airplanes but I love having adventures in airports

5. I’m not emotionally ready to watch the last two episodes of Angry Mom

6. I like painting my nails only because I like to wear rings so painted nails complete the whole look

7. I listen to afrobeats or dancehall to start my day

8. During car rides, I like to pretend my life is a music video

9. When I graduate I really want to go abroad and teach english for one year

10. I have a sixteen year old sister. we get along better now that I’m away from home most of the year

11. My voice is so deep that when I answer the phone people think I’m a man and think they dialed the wrong number

12. Recently discovered the song Fight Night by Migos and now I can’t stop listening to it

13. Thirteen is my favorite number because I was born on April 13, and when 1 and 3 are together they look like a B for Bianca.

14. For a music lover, I don’t really follow new music that much. I discover new music through Youtube recommendations

15. I really want to go to karaoke with someone who likes Kpop and just sing pre-2010 Kpop all night long

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