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30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 12

Day 12: Bullet your whole day

Technically this post was for yesterday but better late than never right?

Let’s see. Since this was yesterday’s post, I’ll just bullet everything that happened yesterday.

  • woke up around noon like the college student I am
  • laid in bed until one because I like to take things slowly
  • got up to shower
  • ate some ramen
  • did some homework…or really attempted to do so
  • watched youtube videos for like three hours
  • facetimed some friends who live like ten minutes away
  • went to Greek Freak which was actually super cool. might do a separate post for it
  • got a sub because I hadn’t eaten since the ramen in the afternoon
  • talked to friends until I fell asleep around 3am

So overall my day yesterday wasn’t very eventful. Probably because we’re nearing finals and I have no energy to do anything besides sit around and be lazy.

Good luck on finals everyone!

Until next time,



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