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Angry Mom Episode 14

I’m so emotionally drained from watching this episode that I can’t even type properly but I have to write this while the feelings are still fresh.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Everything starts off shitty because we think that something good has happened for Kang Ja but then we see that the teacher has gotten beaten up and that Gong Joo is getting taken away for an investigation.

Bok Dong decides he’s going to leave the teacher’s house but doesn’t tell Kang Ja that he has an ulterior motive for wanting to do so. I love him but he’s not exactly the brightest bulb so the whole time I was hoping he wasn’t gonna get hurt.

Kang Ja realizes that she really is better off leaving the country because she’s causing pain to everyone around her by staying. I finally start to find things I like about the dad when he tells her that he’s gonna try and convince his mom to go too.

Hong Sang Tae is incredibly hurt when he hears that Oh Ah Ran is leaving. He asks “weren’t we dating?” but like…can you really just assume that? Nothing was ever said for sure. But I feel so bad for him. Every one he loves leaves him eventually.

Meanwhile Chairman Hong lets Do Jeong Woo know that he knows he murdered Yi Kyeong. Then DJW’s dad comes in and slaps him, not for being a murderer, but more for being a murderer and having the nerve to leave evidence lying around.

Ae Yeon gets beaten by the Chairman but really what else is new?


The school is about to fall apart but none of the officials really give two shits. Kang Ja’s husband tries to fix the mess on his own which obviously was never gonna end well.

The school is about to collapse and everyone is trying to leave but meanwhile Bok Dong has found the evidence he needs and actually runs into the school.

After the fact, we learn six students have died including the boy who wore the glasses and one of Lizzy’s trio. And worst of all…

Just when I started to like him too.

All the while, the writers think its a good idea to keep us guessing about Bok Dong’s fate but legit if he had died I probably would have stopped watching.

I can’t believe all of these corrupt people are also trying to blame the collapse ON AH RAN’S DEAD FATHER LIKE WTF?!!

I seriously can’t with this drama. The intensity of this episode had me hanging onto my desk for dear life.

Two more episodes guys.

Until next time,



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