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Angry Mom Episode 13

I can’t with this drama but I’m already in too deep.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

I love how Jo Kang Ja keeps trying to tell people she isn’t crazy but honestly you’re a woman in your thirties running around in a high school…what else would they think?

The fact that she goes back to the school to protest is fine…but why is she wearing her school uniform? That’s not really helping your case.

The scene where Ah Ran confronts her maybe dad was actually kind of heartbreaking. I wonder if anyone knows who the real father is. Whether its him or his dead brother they’re still related so I guess that’s why he’s kind of attached to her now

I hope Kang Ja divorces this dude. He really gets on my nerves. He’s such a weak character and his mother has no purpose whatsoever. When he proposed the divorce to her I screamed YASSSSSSS to my screen. My dislike for him is that serious.

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Hong Sang Tae may be kind of an asshole..but I wholeheartedly ship him with Oh Ah Ran. He went against his father to save her and he held her hand. The character development is too real.*wipes tear*

Everything about this episode was kinda blah. I mean there were good points but it wasn’t like the others. Hopefully episode 14 is much better.

I expect big things out of this next episode.

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