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Angry Mom Episode 12

Everything about this show makes me happy, angry and sad all at the same time. Who knew I could feel so many emotions at once?

Warning: Spoilers ahead

Hong Sang Tae pisses me off so much but then he makes me love him again. Like who are you to be angry at them as if they betrayed you? Y’ALL WERE NEVER FRIENDS. He treats them like shit. Like I get they’re trying to hurt your dad and all but your dad is evil. Even you know that.

His crush on Oh Ah Ran is too cute though. I wish they had gotten to have their kiss.

The whole Go Bok Dong and Jo Bang Wool relationship is too funny. I ship them so hard. her husband needs to go. He’s too weak-minded for her and her mother in law just really needs to get punched in the face. All she has to do is wait a year or two and they can be together.

^How can you resist his face?

I’m glad the teacher knows about her identity now so she has one more person to protect her when she does stupid things like TRUST AE YEON THAT BITCH.

Time and time again everyone tells her not to listen to this bitch. She’s hella two faced. She only wants whats best for herself and she will change sides real quick. I feel no sympathy for Jo Kang Ja at this point, because literally everyone and their mother told her that Ae Yeon was not to be trusted. Once a snake always a snake.

And this asshole right here gives me mixed feelings because he’s so good looking but he’s a cold blooded killer and those things shouldn’t go together so well.

I’m so excited for next week. I feel like its gonna be a wild ride.

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