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Current EXO situation

So many things are happening right now in the Kpop world and its getting really hard to take it all in.

It’s been a really long time since I’ve become so obsessed with a boy group. I didn’t even really start liking EXO until this past January after watch EXO Showtime. Through this show I fell in love with each and every member. Especially these two right here:

I was so excited for this comeback because it was the first one to happen after I had become a fan. Let me tell you I was not disappointed. EXODUS is life.

But right now my heart is breaking into so many little pieces.

Every thing that’s happening with Tao and Lay right now is so painful to watch. I don’t want Tao to leave EXO but honestly his health should be the most important thing right now. I totally understand his dad because no one wants to watch their son continually get hurt without the proper time to recover.

Also for some reason, Lay is getting all this hate when all he wants to do is make Korea-China relations better. From my perspective, he really hasn’t done anything wrong.

Normally when huge things like this happen in the Kpop world, I’m pretty good at keeping myself detached but this time its different. I actually feel a real emotional attachment to this group and its actually really scary tbh.

I feel like no matter happens EXO will continue to be successful ¬†and I hope they’ll be able to bounce back from this like they did with the Luhan and Kris situation last year.

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