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My Thoughts on Angry Mom

SURPRISE. I really love Korean dramas. From time to time, I’ll most likely be commenting on dramas that I’m currently watching since they’re definitely my guilty pleasure.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

This drama is definitely not what I expected it to be. I was expecting lighthearted comedy about 80% of the time and some type of romance/drama about 20% of the time.

Boy was I wrong.

This drama is extremely heavy in the sense that it deals with issues that I feel are actually necessary to talk about but can pull at your heartstrings at any moment. Some of the themes include bullying, sexual relationships with teachers, and corruption within the school system.

A lot of the scenes in this drama really hit home for me. Although I was never bullied to the point of wanting to change schools or anything, I find that I can relate to Kim Yoo Jung’s character when she doesn’t even know how to explain to her mom the horrible things that happen at school.

The mom is pretty badass though. Although her plan to go undercover in a high school probably wasn’t the most well thought out idea, I still can’t get over her willingness to do anything to help her daughter. I also can’t believe this woman is actually approaching her forties.

I’m kind of glad that romance isn’t at the forefront of this drama. It would take away from the seriousness of it. However, there are a few scenes here and there where we can pick up romantic feelings from one character to another.

I secretly ship these two really hard even though he can be a jerk at times.

Even though the drama is only half finished, I hope we get a really strong ending. I have really high hopes for this drama and I’ll most likely be doing an update post when its totally finished.

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